Sunday, May 10, 2009

Greetings to You!

Believe it or not department: greeting cards are a very worthy item to be considered. Here you have the tactile sense, besides the two dimensions, with the added perk of being the hand-held actuality.

I appreciate the possibilities: the flourish, the centering (not required in painting and photography), the sentiment (whichever type or quantity), and, repetition of image is acceptable; so we're talking pattern. Usually the greeting card comes in vignette style, (but certainly not always,) which to me means an image which dominates towards the center and fades off to the sides, a charming if old-fashioned mode of expression, and always effective.

Greeting cards are of course usually of a constricted size, but then again, they are not planned for the wall: but do very well on the monitor-screen! I would urge you not to feel that you are limiting yourself if you express yourself in this realm. I do it often.


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