Friday, August 13, 2010

Vook Rebiew VII

In WNM, Mr. Pink often refers to the differences between the left-brain approach and the right-brain approach. It has opened my eyes.

This week I went to an "art demo" during which the artist made so many right-brain references to us, that you would've thought he was reading Daniel Pink's material. He is a very well-known and accomplished artist (I love his work) named David Simons, of Tubac, Arizona, and he said:

"Painting is an event." (Not a thing.)

"Painting is a process, not a painting." and he quoted Confucius as saying:

"He who thinks about the fruits of his labor is miserable." The key word there, I think Pink would agree, is "thinks": try not to think so much, but to feel and experience.......

Simons defined art: "Art is nature as seen through a temperament." In other words, our feelings can actually design and interpret reality. And he said "The world never gets tired of seeing itself through new eyes." Time to pull a laminated quote from my wallet: Edgar Degas said,"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." Now I am encouraged and rejuvenated, as I am by reading A Whole New Mind : such fresh, right-brain concepts.

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