Friday, August 27, 2010

Vook Rebiew VIII

Reading Whole New Mind (WNM) by Daniel H. Pink: he says that "story is where high concept and high touch intercept." Pg. 103. And he says the "Aptitude of STORY is Context Enriched by Emotion" here's my thusly defined story, from my past week:

Thunderstorms are very wet and wild.
In the desert, so dry and hot, the contrast between rainstorm and desert is remarkable.
Monsoons like this occur globally, of course, in various climes and locations.
But my life is here, in Arizona, and I find it more memorable than weather stats and facts and factoids online.

Rainwater on my patio, in my special bucket, from the waterfall off my roof: dark skies, flailing winds in my olive tree, and the gestures of the tall, tall eucapalyptus nearby, with highly visible lightning strikes that fairly crackle, and slashing water from the skies. The noise is overwhelming, in my little villa, with the screen doors.
I love it.
Or, as they say on the street,
"I'm lovin' it!"

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