Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vook Rebiew IV

In WNM by Dan Pink, ("Think Pink!") he states that our need now is to find things which are "pleasing to the eye, or compelling to the soul". He says: "it is woefully insufficient - in an age of abundance - to appeal only to needs which are RATIONAL, LOGICAL, AND FUNCTIONAL."

Let's go with "compelling to the soul". Isn't that the very essence, the quintessential definition of ART? I think it includes literature, dance and music, paintings and murals and crafts and drawings and comics, and theatre, movies, even stand-up comedy. It's all art, and mostly the reason we read, and attend, and look at, absorb and laugh, is it's because it's compelling to the soul, thank you Dan Pink.

As far as "age of abundance", we do have some reasons to turn about and ask questions, as to: "how does this relate?" With less abundance, are we less Right Brain? Or was this "economic downturn" caused by too much Right Brain? and do we move forward with ongoing Right Brain?

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