Friday, July 23, 2010

Vook Rebiew

"A Whole New Mind," the book by Daniel H. Pink, is my passion this month, next to "Avatar" the "blue" movie.

Mr. Pink is a young man who used to write speeches for Al Gore when Mr. Gore was in the White House.

WNM (Whole New Mind) is a very current treatise, published in 2005, only 5 years of Mr. Pink's theories is that because of this age of abundance, people want more right-brain factors going on in their lives: beauty, uniqueness, and meaning. I love it. And there's lots more to it.

The interesting thing is that soon after the book was published, the economy took this huge downturn, that we're suffering from at this time (2010). Now it seems we're no longer in an age of abundance........and I'd like to address this, in reference to this excellent book, as my blog continues, in the next few days.

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