Friday, July 30, 2010

Vook Rebiew V

-In Whole New Mind, Pink states that because of recent affluence, the burgeoning of technology (software that writes software, for eg.) and outsourcing: a world that grows smaller every day, the fact is, we are being nudged into a brand new era. Pink calls it the Conceptual Age, as plays out against the Agricultural, the Industrial, and the Information Ages.
-The Conceptual Age, he says, has, as its main characters "the CREATOR, and EMPATHIZER, whose distinctive ability is mastery of Right-Directed Thinking" (reference to the right brain).
- The "management meta-guru" Tom Peters says we have discovered our Copernicus for this brave new age in Daniel Pink. So I went to Wikipedia for Copernicus - 1473-1543 - astronomer, philosopher, a central figure in Europe, of the so-called Scientific Revolution, whose theory referred to the "changing fortunes of the kingdom of the world" a totally "deep" reference, in my opinion. I am quite taken with the idea of a world that is a kingdom, perhaps a plane of existence.
-Daniel Pink, though he deals with the white collar individual and the realm of exisitence entitled "economy" (instead of the sun, as did Copernicus) may have a handle on this kingdom in general, which is our world.

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